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This industry veteran, who excels at keeping execs moving around the world, also has a knack for intricate friends’ trips. On a 17-day trek through Scotland, Wilson- Buttigieg managed everyone’s interests: securing tee times at legendary golf courses, sending some of the group on historical tours of Culloden Battlefield, and whisking others off for a few days in London.

Whether she's planning a long weekend in Mexico City for a Harvard Business School reunion or arranging a digital detox for a busy client at a Four Seasons in the Seychelles, Wilson-Buttigieg goes above and beyond to create the right itinerary for business travelers.

She believes in the power of face-to-face interactions. "We are human beings and connecting is a key part of living," she says. From her first interaction with clients, Wilson-Buttigieg prioritizes personal connection. "I am a huge fan of "cold" emails to friends of friends, networking contacts, and referral sources to introduce myself and Valerie Wilson Travel and explain how we can assist with all travel needs," she says. "You never know when someone has a trip they have been dreaming about and would value the expertise of an advisor."

Additional Specialties: Family Travel

Languages Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $1,250 per person

Trip Planning Fees: From $250 per person

Contact Info | 212-592-1290 | New York


"Jennifer and her team are extraordinary. I've worked with her as both a commercial and a retail client. In one instance, Jennifer planned a trip to New Zealand for me and my girlfriend, Alison—who had no idea I intended to ask her to marry me. The VWT team were my co-conspirators: They arranged the venue, reached out to the hotel staff, made arrangements for a special room filled with flowers and candles, and had a special meal prepared. Alison walked into the room, immediately commented on the lovely room, and sat down by the window, looking at the beautiful view of the river. She looked back and there I was on one knee. It was a remarkable evening, all because of Jennifer and the VWT team." - Mike K.

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