Jeaninne Sanz Bernay's 12-day Culinary Itinerary Around Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Jeannine Sanz Bernay is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect getaway. Below is an example of the type of itineraries she creates. To work with Jeanine, contact her at

Day 1: Arrive in Buenos Aires

Arrive in Buenos Aires. Your driver will be waiting for you outside baggage claim to take you to your hotel. You will have the rest of the day at your leisure. In the evening, your driver will pick you up to take you to a hidden restaurant, one of Buenos Aires’ top closed-door restaurants focusing on Argentinian cuisine.

Stay: Legado Mitico

Day 2: City & Culinary Exploration

Today you will set out to explore Buenos Aires, stopping along the way and taste Argentina’s delicacies. Together with your guides, you will explore each neighborhood and dive into the city’s unique architecture and historic spots. You will not only learn about Argentina’s history, but you will also taste magnificent food along the way. Rest up in the afternoon, as our Tango master will pick you up later in the evening to take you to a local Milonga (Tango dance halls) to dance the night away.

Stay: Legado Mitico

Day 3: Tigre

Your guide will pick you up in the morning and together you will go to the train station to board the local train for Tigre. Head to the docks for an incredible experience. You'll board your own classic boat, navigate the hidden rivers of Tigre Delta, and have a home-cooked lunch on board. The captain will also show you his talents with the “bandoneon” (Argentina’s unique Instrument). Later in the afternoon, you will head back to your hotel on the train with your guide and rest up for your flight out next morning.

Stay: Legado Mitico

Day 4: Depart for Bariloche

After breakfast, your guide will pick you up to take you to the local airport for your flight to Bariloche. It is known for its seven lakes, fly fishing, hiking, and beautiful landscapes. Upon arrival, your driver will be waiting for you outside baggage claim to take you on a short hike to get familiarized with your surroundings. During this hike, you will have the chance to enjoy the emblematic Argentine Mate (tea).

Stay: Lirolay Suites

Day 5: Explore Bariloche

Today you will set out to explore Bariloche’s magnificent landscapes and history, as you stop along the way to taste several of Bariloche’s local brews. Together with your guide (one of which is a master sommelier and beer and whiskey specialist), you will entice your senses and get a complete view of the local brewery scene. Return to the hotel in the early afternoon with some time to relax and enjoy the views of your hotel. For dinner, head to a local restaurant and meet internationally renowned chef Mariana Muller.

Stay: Lirolay Suites

Day 6: Kayak Through Nahuel Huapi Lake

After breakfast, your guide will pick you up to explore and hike through the forest, discovering new landscapes as you grapple down a small hill, and then kayak your way through the Nahuel Huapi Lake. You will have a great picnic lunch along your way, tasting unique Patagonian flavors.

Stay: Lirolay Suites

Day 7: Depart for Mendoza

Today you will head to the local airport for your flight to Mendoza. Upon arrival in Mendoza, your driver will be waiting for you to transfer you to the hotel. The central valley of Mendoza is the birthplace of Argentina's wine making tradition, which started more than a century ago. In the eventing, get ready for a hands-on cooking lesson. You'll meet with a local chef and prepare empanadas mendocinas in the clay oven. You will also get to grill meats and vegetables on the open fire with fresh chimichurri sauce.

Stay: Finca Adalgisa

Day 8: Wine and Olive Oil Tasting

This morning your experience starts at an old-fashioned extra virgin olive oil producer, where you will learn the secrets of pressing and decanting. Afterwards, you will continue to one of the pinnacles among Argentine wine makers: Mendel Wines, a small estate conducted by Roberto de La Mota and known for the exceptional quality of its reds. Learn about their production processes, both at the vineyards and the cellars before heading to a famous restaurant and winery. There, you will enjoy a multi-course pairing menu with a view of Cordon del Plata's snowed peak. In the afternoon, transfer back to the lodge and relax.

Stay: Finca Adalgisa

Day 9: Hike Around Quebrada del Condor

Quebrada del Condor is about 100 km away from Mendoza in the Andes Mountain Range. It is located inside Estancia Las Aguaditas, a place where you’ll be able to enjoy nature and experience traditional gaucho culture. Andean condors can be seen above the 6,000 hectares that feature majestic landscapes that are hard to forget. You arrive at Quebrada del Condor, staffed by true gauchos who care for the animals and work the land. Before you mount the horses, one Argentine tradition has to be observed: mate breakfast with medialunas (Argentine croissants). Even for the unsteady rider, the trail through the Cordón del Plata is easy to navigate, but lively enough to keep you happily alert. Hiking is also an option here. Chef Rodrigo Ruiz will prepare a veritable feast — handmade empanadas, prosciutto and fresh baked bread, charred vegetable salad, grilled meats, and desert — for when you return.

Stay: Finca Adalgisa

Day 10: Uco Valley

In the morning, your driver will pick you up. If you are a wine lover, chances are that the mention of Catena Zapata rings a bell. Nicolas Catena's winery has helped establish Mendoza as one of the world's newest wine Meccas. You will taste their superb production and learn about the immigrants from Spain and Italy who first brought the wine making traditions into the region. Afterwards, enjoy a scenic drive to Uco Valley. Relax over lunch at the funky Finca La Azul, a garage size winery. Next, you will check in to your cozy, private retreat, among hundreds of acres of vines and fruit plantations.

Stay: Casa de Huespedes, Bodega La Azul

Day 11: Wine Tasting in Uco Valley

Due to its unparalleled soil and climate conditions, the Uco Valley earned world recognition during recent years as the Gem of Argentina's wine regions. You will visit two of the wineries within the 1600-acre joint wine adventure initiated a few years back by French winemaker Michel Rolland. After tasting some crisp Viogniers. Afterwards you’ll go to hidden local venue specialized in pork meats. Return to your lodge at the vineyards in the afternoon. Enjoy time by the pool or simply relax by the vineyards and enjoy the views.

Stay:Casa de Huespedes, Bodega La Azul

Day 12: Depart

Your driver will pick you up from the hotel in the morning and take you to the airport for your connecting flight home.

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