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Candlelit dinner cruises in Budapest, private beer-tasting tours in Prague, and trips to the wineries of the Wachau Valley outside Vienna are the kind of knockout experiences Ternavan offers.

Ternavan has spent 15 years cultivating relationships with guides to create detail-oriented, seamless vacations. Sample itinerary highlights include touring northern Hungary's best vineyards, hiking in Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park, and visiting the Czech Republic's Sedlec Ossuary, which is known as the "church of bones," because it is decorated with pieces from some 40,000 human skeletons.

He also takes care to personalize trips with deeply meaningful interactions: he helped U.S. clients travel to the countryside to meet with family members there who had not emigrated, and, together with a translator, they visited the local church, cemetery, and other family landmarks. For a solo traveler in Croatia, he teamed with specialists on the ground to plan a bar meetup outside the main tourist crawl so the visitor could experience Dubrovnik nightlife like a local. "Several members of the Dubrovnik team took her out to spend the evening together," he says. "She greatly appreciated this gesture of hospitality!"

Additional Specialties: Greece and Italy

Languages Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $400 per person

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info

t.and.l@jaywaytravel.com | 800 344 5785







"When I first spoke with JayWay while planning a trip to Croatia in 2013, I knew they were the travel company for me. The personalized attention has helped my husband and me experience unique destinations, travel independently, and make the most of our time in popular places. Pre-trip collaboration and having a local contact during the trip provides peace-of-mind and adds to the fun. Since 2013, we've had very special vacations in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia again! We look forward to more European adventures with JayWay."- Ilene M


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