Jarrod Hobson


Jarrod Hobson

After more than two decades helping clients plan their dream trips to Asia, Hobson has built the kind of network and insider-access that only comes with time and experience. Adventurous pursuits with Hobson can include scuba diving off the islands of Raja Ampat or boating to the remote town of Wamena, in West Papua, to meet the Indigenous Dani tribe. Clients are also content to lounge all day at the renovated Nihi Sumba resort. "People want to splurge on a nice beach hotel at the end of a long adventurous journey," he says. "This way, they can relax prior to returning to the real world."

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Southeast Asia and Family Travel

Languages Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: $350

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info

jarrod@atj.com | 720-881-5561 | Boulder, Colo.






"As the saying goes: 'You just have to be there' to fully appreciate Jarrod's genius in understanding travelers' dreams, creative approaches to bringing them to fruition, and formidable wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to actually making it all happen. We are avid "off the beaten path" travelers and Jarrod has certainly taken us there, sometimes to the edge of our comfort zone. Not an easy task when he has to take into account our large extended family of nine, ages preteen to early 70s.

With his guidance and planning, we have wandered all over Indonesia. Logistics alone are a staggering task. Jarrod's immense network of contacts and friends is almost unfathomable. It seems like everybody knows him or has heard of him. Thank you, Jarrod! We'll be back for more soon." - David and Kathy Q.

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