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Jarrod Hobson


After more than two decades of specializing in Indonesia, Hobson has the connections to line up rare and difficult-to-access adventures. For one trip, he tackled the complex arrangements needed for a traveler to meet with representatives of the Korowai people, an Indigenous group in remote West Papua. He’s also taken clients to off-the-radar villages in Bali and lesser-visited islands like Flores and Sumba. Lately, Hobson has noticed an uptick in interest to Raja Ampat, a group of islands off West Papua, for the “diving, snorkeling, and island adventures,” he says. “The diving is some of the best in the world and the topography is some of the most beautiful. It's a bucket list item for many divers and also those that want to experience unique culture, underwater life, snorkeling, hiking, wildlife and awe-inspiring beauty.” In a perhaps related trend, he’s also seen clients who are more concerned about environmental impact in the country: “People want to fly less (when possible) and experience travel in eco friendly ways, travel more lightly, and be more aware. There are some great projects happening throughout Asia and the Pacific that help local communities lead the way, which are often more progressive and intuitive than our own here in the U.S.”

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Asia, Australia, family travel, and New Zealand

Languages Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: No minimum

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 720-881-5561 | Boulder, Colo.


"We first discovered Jarrod completely by accident nearly five years ago while searching for a special, out of the ordinary, adventure worthy of a 'Grand Family Reunion.' We knew we were onto something when we contacted Jarrod via Asia Transpacific Journeys. He asked us to write him a story about who we were and what are dreams were. From there, he gave us ideas and things to research, which spawned more inspired ideas. Then, he helped refine our thoughts and offered suggestions. Little by little, a one-of-a-kind journey came to be. How this amazing man juggled all the logistics of arranging such a complex, multifaceted adventure for all nine of us (all different ages and different interests) is hard to comprehend. The experience was incredibly diverse, truly eye opening, and seamless in every way. Journeys like this don't just happen. It's Jarrod Hobson with all his skills, intuition, creativity, and connections that make it all come together and enable dreams to become reality." - Dave and Kathy Quistad