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Kozlowski creates memorable trips in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. She might set up visits to sites from The Sound of Music or picturesque driving itineraries. Recently, she handled travel logistics for volunteers with World Central Kitchen working near the Poland-Ukraine border. 

Meticulous about hotels, guides, and drivers, she personally vets each one. "I have spent years interviewing and testing guides and drivers and experience-makers locally, and they are all sourced directly through me," she says. "Some of my personal favorites are the grandson of one of the most well-known vintners in the Wachau Valley in Austria—who takes our guests to private tasting rooms and wineries to learn about the viticulture and sample the best wines of the region— and a scholar of Judaism who takes our guests to both the Jewish Quarter in Prague, but also to other important Jewish sites across the Czech Republic."

2022 was a boon for new hotels. Some of Kozlowski's favorites include the Rosewood and the Leo Grand, both in Vienna; the Andaz, in Prague; and two newly renovated properties Austria: the Weisses Kreuz in Innsbruck, and the Alpine Resort Sacher, in Tyrol.


Languages Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: From $500 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: From $250, applied to trip cost

Contact Info | 800-633-1008 or 813-251-5355 | Tampa, Fla.


"Everything was first class. There were absolutely no glitches; all the guides and drivers were prompt and great. When we got off the train in Budapest, our driver was standing at the bottom of the platform waiting for us!" — Ray

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