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Lisbon-based Correia got his start as a tour guide — an experience that influences his work as a travel advisor today. Correia is particularly well versed in the Jewish heritage of Portugal and builds itineraries around that topic. But he can also set up classic Iberian experiences like after-hours access to colorful Pena Palace in Sintra, a sailing trip to the Piedade Caves, or a surfing lesson at Santa Cruz beach, in Ericeira.

With Portugal's continued rise in popularity, Correia's noticed a push for ever more adventurous experiences in the country. "People are much more eager to engage in nature-related and outdoor activities than before," says Correia. "The number of hikers, bikers, and surfers has been on the rise." Working primarily with independent Portuguese businesses — such as a boutique rental car agency, a family-run hiking outfitter, and an astronomer-led collective that operates stargazing tours — Correia can ensure travelers are well looked after by a trusted, tight network. His clients, meanwhile, can rest easy knowing their tourist dollars will directly support small businesses and local economies.

Correia also shares what many travel advisors have observed during the pandemic: an interest in slow travel. "Before, it wasn't uncommon to receive a list of 40 places to visit on a two week trip to Portugal," he says. "Now I really don't see that. People want some time to enjoy a two hour lunch with their spouse. I've also noticed that many people are now using travel as an excuse to meet other relatives or friends that they haven't been with for a very long while. Couples trips are now becoming 6-10 people trips."

Additional Specialties: Spain

Language(s) Spoken: English, Portuguese

Minimum Daily Spend: $250 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: none

Contact Info

goncalo.correia@tours​foryou.pt | 351-21-390-4208 | Lisbon




"In 2018, my wife and I decided at the last moment to travel to Portugal on vacation. We contacted Goncalo Correia in late August for a trip we hoped to make in September. As one would expect, our planning timeframe was not optimal and reservations for certain activities were limited or not available. Goncalo exceeded our expectations with an excellent 10-day itinerary for which he arranged our lodgings in Lisbon and Porto in addition to tours, guides, drivers and a boat skipper. Goncalo and his team also assisted us with dinner reservations. We had a fantastic time exploring Lisbon, Sintra and the Estoril Coast, Porto, Duoro Valley, Nazare and Obidos. We enjoyed a nice balance between formal tour and personal time. Our guides were very personable, professional and knowledgeable." - Robert B.

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