Erin Correia

October 12, 2020

Correia’s local connections take visitors with an interest in sustainability and conservation behind the scenes. She’s set up a tour of the Galápagos Ecological Airport — the first in the world to run exclusively on solar and wind power — and arranged a rare talk with the scientists at the Charles Darwin Research Station. She knows that travelers are more educated on destinations than they ever have been in the past. They have scoured the internet, read guide books, and have watched documentaries on the areas they want to go. That’s why Correia finds it important to use her years of experience and on-the-gound experts to suggest trips that can’t be found elsewhere. “I consider myself an advisor or trip designer, depending on the destination,” she shares. “For the Galapagos Islands, I act as a matchmaker — finding the perfect itinerary, accommodations, excursions for each client's needs. And for other destinations, I act as a designer, curating the perfect itinerary from scratch. I can adapt to the needs of each traveler and the particular quirks of their desired destination to fill the role most appropriate.”

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Antarctica, Peru, and Patagonia

Languages Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: $300 per person

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 406-540-1904 | Missoula, MT


"I found Erin two years ago when I was starting to plan the first of two trips to South America. My travel has changed 100% because of her. First, her knowledge of each location is intimate, detailed, and deep. It is combined with an absolutely infectious excitement and enthusiasm for each location. Erin helps you plan, but also dream. I also feel that her ability to truly listen and hear what it is you're seeking, and tailor accordingly is first-rate. These skills make Erin a wonderful companion in the travel planning process. I felt as if she truly knew me, and every suggestion was tailored to who I was as a person and a traveler. I can honestly say that the best trips I have taken are the ones that Erin has planned with me. She is someone who has gone off to see the world in her own life with passion and excitement, and is now sharing that with her clients. How lucky we are!" - Carol Goss