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Goldring has a knack for connecting travelers with the right ship for adventure-filled voyages to the polar regions. He also knows the perfect vessel for destination immersions, like the two-week Greece and Turkey itinerary he planned around the cuisine of the eastern Mediterranean.

Some of his preferred cruise line include Silversea, Windstar, Quark Expeditions, Ponant, and Scenic Eclipse, each of which have emerging programs to connect travelers with the local culture and economies.

Goldring is also known for setting up on-shore culinary experiences, such as a wine tasting and pairing experience in a 17th century villa in Corfu or whisky-and-haggis pairings in Scotland. He often arranges customized excursions that travelers wouldn't otherwise be able to book, whether that's "an amazing concert, a dining experience, or a private expedition."

Language(s) Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $750-$1,500

Trip Planning Fees: Varies

Contact Info | 877-246-5898 | California


"After reading on-line reviews of travel agents almost 20 years ago, my husband contacted Eric Goldring and asked him to help plan a vacation. We were so pleased with Eric hearing what was important to us and advising us accordingly. Even after many very special jaunts, and since my husband has passed, I am traveling solo under the watchful eye of Eric. There is something very special about working with a boutique agency . I have recommendations and highest praise for Goldring Travel!"- Jeanne C.


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