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While Istanbul and the Aegean are important entry points to a Turkey itinerary, Kadaster adds in experiences in lesser-known places, like cheese making in Boğatepe or a hike on Mount Nemrut, which is believed to contain the tomb of the Mesopotamian king Antiochus 

Kadaster, who has been in business for over 40 years, says that travel to Turkey is booming. In particular, the Eastern Black Sea and Thrace regions are seeing new interest. "The Eastern Black Sea is the greenest part of Turkey, and also has lot of ancient sites, such as the famous Sumela Monastery that is built on the face of a sheer mountain, plus lovely villages, tea plantations, and quaint churches and mosques," she shares. In Thrace, she directs clients to the vineyards, with bonus add-ons to the famous Gallipoli battlefields, and to Troy, the city made famous in Homer's Iliad.

"We are very knowledgeable about Turkish history, geography, people, and customs," Kadaster says. She and her team prepare hundreds of trips to this favorite destination every year, among them honeymoons, family vacations, culinary and wine explorations, religious tours, and adventure itineraries. "Our clients aren't limited to history and archaeology," she says. "They want to get close to the real culture and learn about local life."

Languages Spoken: English, German, and Turkish

Minimum Daily Spend: From $400

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info

engin@turkeyatitsbest.net | 949-717-6784 | Newport Beach, Calif.






"Engin Kadaster's passion for Turkey is contagious. Her unique, exciting itineraries included parts of the country simply not on my travel radar – our trip to Southeastern Turkey was thrilling. Combined with her deep knowledge, and the personal touch of her in-country team, you have all the makings for an unforgettable journey." - Matt D

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