Travel + Leisure A-List Travel Agent Engin Kadaster

Engin Kadaster


Kadaster has been immersed in the Turkish travel industry for decades, working as a guide, a tour operator, and even an archaeologist before moving to California and co-founding Turkey at Its Best. Her deep knowledge of the country means she can design hyper-specific itineraries (such as A Potato Farmer’s Tour of Turkey) and bring clients to under-the-radar areas like Salagassos and the Lake Region, or the eastern Black Sea coast, near the Georgian border.

“We are very knowledgeable about Turkish history, geography, people, and customs,” Kadaster says. She and her team prepare hundreds of trips to this favorite destination every year, among them honeymoons, family vacations, culinary and wine explorations, religious tours, and adventure itineraries. “Our clients aren’t limited to history and archaeology,” she says. “They want to get close to the real culture and learn about local life.”

Languages Spoken: English, German, and Turkish

Minimum Daily Spend: No minimum

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 949-717-6784 | Newport Beach, Calif.