Travel + Leisure A-List Travel Agent Ellison Poe

Ellison Poe


Poe was born into the travel business — her parents started Poe Travel more than 60 years ago — and identifies as a “travel therapist,” able to gauge her clients wants and needs and prepare perfectly tailored experiences for any occasion. The Central Europe expert is fluent in French and German, and is comfortable designing multi-country itineraries that take in the best of this diverse region.

In her work, Poe prioritizes balancing guided tours and plenty of wandering time. For a recent itinerary around Munich, Prague, and Vienna, for example, she made sure her clients got to know these destinations from a local perspective with guided walking tours around the city — and then left afternoons and evenings mostly unstructured, with clients free to relax at their top-tier hotels (Vienna’s Hotel Sacher and the Mandarin Oriental, Prague) or venture out on their own.

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: East and Southern Africa, Sri Lanka, and Turkey

Languages Spoken: English, German, French, some Spanish, and Turkish

Minimum Daily Spend: From $180 per day

Trip Planning Fees: $250 per hour

Contact Info | 800-727-1960 | Little Rock, Ark.