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Edward Granville


Granville is passionate about Turkey and the Balkans, and especially loves setting his clients up with private yacht charters to experience the turquoise waters and sun-drenched islands of destinations like Bodrum and the Dalmatian Coast. He often plans multi-country tours and is always scouting the next big luxury experiences on the ground — from the new Palace Elisabeth hotel on the Croatian island of Hvar to the see-and-be-seen yacht clubs and stunning mountains of Montenegro. His latest find: the four-cabin Canaren, a new motorized gulet, or Turkish sailboat, available for charter along Turkey’s Aegean coastline.

Of a recent Turkish sailing itinerary for a client’s birthday, he says, “we arranged for the boat to pass by the captain's home village, and his family members rowed out bearing a birthday gift of freshly caught lobsters. This was particularly special because it took place in a private little bay, away from any other boats or people.”

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Japan, Myanmar, and Oman

Languages Spoken: English, French, some Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend: From $200 per day

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | +44-124-278-7805 | Cheltenham, England


"Edward Granville has organised two trips for our group of 12 ladies over the past couple of years and is currently organising a third trip for the same group. The fact that we keep returning to Edward, having consulted an extensive list of other travel specialists, is a real testament to him. With a group of women — all with different expectations — it’s tricky to achieve 100 percent success and satisfaction but, amazingly, Edward consistently achieves the impossible. He is utterly meticulous in planning each tour, remembering nut allergies, children’s names, hotel and restaurant preferences, and a variety of quirky requests time after time. The organization and execution of each minute of our trip is faultless. In addition, he is extremely kind, holds our hand every step of the way, and always goes far above our original remit. Without exception, we will use Red Savannah again and again due to the service we received from Edward." - Katharine Landale