Deborah Calmeyer


Deborah Calmeyer

Zimbabwe-born Calmeyer can arrange high-end safaris across the continent but is also an expert at connecting visitors with the booming food, fashion, and arts scenes in places such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Kigali, Rwanda.

"We create storybook experiences," Calmeyer is fond of saying, whether it's a luxury villa set in a remote, wildlife-filled concession or a private jet journey that hopscotches between the most iconic destinations Southern Africa has to offer. While the pandemic had many negative impacts on the travel industry, Calmeyer has noticed a positive shift in consumer mindset in recent months. "I see a new type of travel rhythm, which is something a little slower, with people taking the time to observe and absorb," she says. "There's a new emphasis on where we go, how we get there, and what impact we have when we arrive."

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Family Travel, Milestone Celebrations, Female Empowerment Travel

Languages Spoken: English and French

Minimum Daily Spend: From $2,000 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 212-300-4511 | New York


"Everything Deb delivered added up to a rewilding trip that was also reinvigorating, regrounding and realigning. This is the way we want to be spending our time. This is the way we want to be spending our money. Everything we have currently is enough but what we don't have enough of is time and travel. Deb gave that to us! After 30 years of traveling and two more years of Covid, this is the trip that brought us to that appreciation." Jessica C.

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