Travel Agent Deborah Calmeyer

Deborah Calmeyer


Zimbabwe-born Calmeyer now splits her time between the U.S. and South Africa, so she can stay on top of the latest developments in the region. She can arrange high-end safaris but also excels at connecting visitors with the continent’s booming food, fashion, and arts scenes. One trend she's noticed lately is a need for speed — that is, travelers wanting to see it all in one go: "Travelers are wanting to see as much of Africa in one trip as possible," Calmeyer says. "This is why we’ve introduced our Emirates Private Jet Experience, which goes to four of Africa’s iconic destinations in 12 days." She also sees a strong focus among travelers on conservation and environmental impacts, so much so that her firm is working toward making all trips not just carbon neutral but carbon negative. "We will soon have a dashboard on our website where clients can view and track how their contributions have had a positive impact," she says.

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Family travel and multigenerational travel

Languages Spoken: English and French

Minimum Daily Spend: From $1,500 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info| 855-666-7627| New York


"I had been a somewhat regular visitor to Africa before I met Deborah Calmeyer — mostly for the work I did with women’s empowerment and anti violence groups and as a documentary filmmaker. But from the first time my husband and I traveled on a Roar Africa journey, it was clear that we were experiencing Africa — specifically, with trips to Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and South Africa — on a very different, deeper and more individualized level. Each itinerary that Deborah designs is all about private access to people and places matched with such a delicate hand to each traveler’s specific DNA. No other Africa specialist that I’ve ever ever known has her access to the special experiences she has shared with us: tracking academy, the SA College for Tourism, the Masai Olympics, thought leader presentations, private gardens and art collections, top-level safari camps. Her presence on the ground is palpable even when she’s not there. Her loyal team functions like a family, and she’s friends with the property owners (sometimes, the relationship goes back to school days) as well as top chefs, artists, musicians, and fashion designers. They have all been very willing, even excited, to welcome us to their homes, shops, galleries, concerts, and gardens." - Pat Mitchell

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