David Van Ness


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Interestingly, David's business career began in the fashion industry in New York at luxury retailer Bonwit Teller. After several years in fashion, he decided to change industries because of his love for travel. Having started as a frontline advisor at an agency in Los Angeles bringing in corporate sales accounts, David made the decision to join a relatively new and fast growing corporate and entertainment agency, All-Travel. Celebrating over 30 years with All-Travel, he is vice president and manages all of their digital marketing in addition to working side by side with the president, Eric Maryanov. He developed their first website some 20 years ago and has been instrumental in developing their growth as a luxury travel powerhouse. Over the years, David has sat on various boards and has served on the marketing, technology, and hotel committees of Signature Travel Network. Currently, he is a member of Travel Age West's Travel Advisory Board and Signature Travel Network's Luxury Committee.

Contact Info

davidvn@all-travel.com | 310-312-3368 | Los Angeles




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