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Darren Humphreys


A native of South Africa, Humphreys has spent a decade arranging trips with a wine and gastronomy focus. And while his home country and New Zealand are his areas of concentration, he has a global footprint, and knows the ins and outs of wine regions in Europe, South America, New Zealand, and even Morocco. His itineraries incorporate complementary activities, such as safaris in South Africa and adventure outings in New Zealand.

He prides himself on going above and beyond, as with a recent multi-appellation trip to South Africa for two Napa Valley winery owners. The visit included meetings with winemakers, tasting reserve vintages, barrel sampling, and “really learning the dream behind the bottle,” Humphreys says. “We can facilitate make-your-own-wine experiences with some of the country's most sought after cult winemakers. The Cape Winelands are ground zero for our business and we have deep and abiding relationships with winemakers and vineyard owners in every appellation. Regions are so distinct and different in South Africa. It really is like a world of wine regions in one country, and we have expert knowledge of wine tourism in every corner.”

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Honeymoons, multigenerational travel, and safaris

Languages Spoken: Afrikaans, Dutch, and English

Minimum Daily Spend: None

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 203-919-9161 | Duxbury, Mass.


"Darren has curated personalized and exclusive experiences for my wife and me all over the globe. A keen interest in uncovering emerging destinations, combined with a deep understanding of the nuances and details of each local market, put Darren in the best position to curate the trip of a lifetime. He has guided me on trips across four different continents (and more to come!), and each place I went I felt like I was getting exclusive access to the heart and soul of each location. I am particularly into food and wine, and every trip is speckled with once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences that capture the spirit of the local culture." — Craig Napoliello