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Stergiou recently pulled out all the stops when setting up a monthlong trip for 20 friends. For one musically inclined member of the party, he even supplied a guitar—and arranged for an in-the-know driver to take her to local tavernas, where she performed. One lesser-visited area Stergiou is excited to suggest to new clients is the Peloponnese, where he recommends the newly-opened W Costa Navarino.

Stergiou and his team at TrueTrips built their name on all things Greece, and though they've expanded their focus to the Mediterranean and beyond, Greece remains his focus. No matter the ask, he and his team have made it happen: a Jewish heritage tour for a 20-person academic group; a blowout Aegean vacation for a billionaire; a 30-day trip for a group of friends to cruise the Cyclades and explore the mainland.

Languages Spoken: English, Greek, German, and Spanish

Average Daily Spend: $600 per person

Trip Planning Fees: $375 per person

Contact Info | +1-800-817-7098 (calling from the US), +30-210-612-0656 (calling from Greece) | Athens, Greece


"I worked with Christos Stergiou and his company TrueTrips on my recent trip to Greece. Christos and his team created an extraordinary experience for us, demonstrating a true heart and passion for creating a trip that featured their love for the country and their desire to have us experience it to the fullest! From their attention to both the big picture and the littlest detail, they facilitated the smoothest, most fulfilling trip I have ever had. From finding cool out of the way places to eat to picking destinations that brought Greece to life, it was truly extraordinary. Their guides were incredibly knowledgeable, their drivers were extremely professional, I can't say enough about how wonderful everything was. Beginning to plan our next trip now, and will definitely be using Christos and his team!" - Sharona K

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