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Holmes goes above and beyond for families chasing their dreams, like one group who spent 16 days in Bali catching waves, touring temples, and learning Indonesian recipes. She also includes talking points in her itineraries to encourage deeper engagement with each destination.

"Families are keen to block out travel time and special experiences before children leave the nest," Holmes says. "We're seeing more interest in long-term planning."

Holmes is keen to include educational components in her trips. She assisted a family of four, with elementary school age children, traveling to India during the Hindu celebration of Raksha Bandhan. In Sanskrit, “raksha” translates to "protect or guard against evil" and “bandhan” means binding or tying. During the holiday, sisters tie a rakhi, or woven bracelet, around their brothers' wrists. Holmes sourced a guide that could share the history of this ceremony and showed the 8 and 10 year old brother and sister, how to participate in this ceremony and make a meaningful family memory.

Language(s) Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $500 per person for a family of four

Trip Planning Fees: $125 per person with a $500 minium fee

Contact Info | 615-712-0654 | Nashville, TN


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