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Liebenberg often leads his own small-group trips, such as a recent science-focused expedition (with researchers in tow) in the Central African Republic and Republic of the Congo for 10 intrepid travelers interested in spotting forest elephants and lowland gorillas. Raised in Namibia, Liebenberg has decades of experience when it comes to planning family-friendly trips, including walking safaris that emphasize conservation and wildlife education.

Among some of the new camps that Liebenberg is particularly enthusiastic about are Duke's Camp, in Botswana; Sanctuary Tambarare in Kenya; and Lolebezo, in Zambia.

Languages Spoken: English, and Afrikaans

Average Daily Spend: $1,000 per person

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 858-598-5559 | San Diego


"The qualities I admire most in Chris are his extensive knowledge and understanding of his African homeland, his deep passion for wildlife conservation, and his extensive network of guides, lodges, and other professionals across the continent. He takes personal responsibility for every traveler he works with. Recently he helped me organize a fundraising safari to benefit the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. His meticulous attention to every detail and personal support throughout the trip (which ended with some of us stranded in Namibia due to Covid shutdowns) resulted in a positive extension to an already extraordinary adventure. It easily could have been otherwise. He made himself available 24/7 with information, resources, and support as we navigated the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the pandemic. He truly is a gem!" - Roswitha S.

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