Chris Brunning


Chris Brunning

Brunning specializes in going private—anywhere in the world. That can mean obtaining a special permit to swim with sperm whales off the coast of Dominica, booking an entire private estate in Tuscany, or gaining pre-opening access to the Vatican Museum. Brunning and his team make a conscious effort to work with locally owned travel operators, such as 1889 Experience France for their community of local experts, Private Travel Iceland for logistical creativity, and Italyscape for private access to historic venues. He calls out a few specific experts: "Andres Amador is an incredible California beach artist who helps travelers create works of art in the sand, and Carlo Marenda, a charismatic truffle hunter, can lead you on a quest for "white gold" in Piedmont."

"Luxury camp-style accommodations, like Kachi Lodge in Bolivia or Shinta Mani Wild in Cambodia, have become extremely attractive due to their sense of privacy, incredible natural settings, and intimate scale," he adds. "Takeovers of lodges and castles are also increasingly popular for multi-generational groups." For a final recommendation, Brunning suggests, "I can't think of a better wellness getaway than the wonderful Retreat at Blue Lagoon in Iceland."

Additional Specialties: Europe, Africa, North and South America, Southeast Asia

Language(s) Spoken: English, plus basic French and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend: $2,000

Trip Planning Fees: N/A

Contact Info +44 (0) 207 523 5858 London, UK


"We loved working with Chris. We entrusted him with our honeymoon and he took us on a journey along the sakura (cherry blossom) path through Japan. Starting in Tokyo with a perfectly assembled travel booklet, we ventured through this incredible country feeling like locals who knew all the secret spots. We are currently planning a trip to Thailand and Cambodia and can't wait to see where Chris takes us." - Nuriel M.


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