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With nearly three decades of experience, Briggs has the knowledge and clout to arrange dream journeys across the continent, whether that’s a trip to new lodges like KuKaya and Lolebezi, both in Zambia, or a classic gorilla trekking itinerary in Rwanda, or the less-trafficked routes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Giving back is a focus for Briggs, and she often helps clients connect with established nonprofits during their travels.

Briggs often advises her clients that spending more on a safari is less about the en-suite amenities and more about access to the absolute best natural areas and wildlife viewing—and routinely sends travelers to places with both.

“The Nxamaseri Island Lodge has had a recent rebuild and refurbishment and is located in the best fly-fishing area of Botswana,” she advises. “And Usangu Expeditions Camp, in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park, is a new, authentic, and adventurous camp built for those who love walking.”

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Destination Celebrations, Family Travel, and Fly Fishing in places like Botswana, Rwanda, and Tanzania

Languages Spoken: English, French, and Spanish

Average Daily Spend: $1,850 per person, including transfers

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 970-871-0065 | Steamboat Springs, Colo.


"Cherri Briggs is always my 'go to' for Africa. With her in-depth knowledge and expertise it's an easy process to be guided by her total confidence in planning an amazing African safari. For our many trips, Cherri has always been eager to share the updated nuances and details that make our trips so memorable. She is a joy. Would highly recommend involving Cherri in any African adventure." - Ally G.

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