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Camilla Davidson


The Experience Director at the London-based travel firm NoteWorthy, Davidson has extensive knowledge and personal experience — including a degree in French and her time living in Paris — that she brings to the table when booking bespoke trips in northern France and the U.K. Her contacts across Normandy, Paris, and Scotland give her access to moments that money can’t buy. For a recent group, that meant a private send-off dinner in the heart of Edinburgh Castle, complete with a viewing of the Scottish Crown Jewels and a photographer on-site to document the evening. Davidson herself escorted one family to Paris in the frenzied lead-up to Fashion Week, and pulled strings to snag her client a fitting for a classic tweed jacket at the Chanel couture atelier. Thanks to a personal connection, Davidson was able to send a family last spring to visit one of the world’s leading gun dog schools, a place usually closed to the public. But it’s not just about the experiences: Davidson is legendary for her hands-on approach, going so far as to give clients her personal cell phone number to ensure they’re taken care of by a trusted source — not merely an anonymous hotline — should any problems or emergencies arise.


Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish, some Russian

Minimum Daily Spend: $805 per person

Trip Planning Fees: From $318; can be applied to trip cost

Contact Info | +44-203-051-5165 | London


"Camilla is different from other travel agents because of the personalized experiences she provides. Her top priority is to build a relationship with her clients, including tweens, teens, and toddlers to get a full understanding of who will be part of the day and what activities appeal to the entire group. Camilla creates adventures that are up-close and personal. In London, most people watch the changing of the guards from behind the fence, while we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the guards presenting colors. Tourists walked through the Churchill War Rooms with their headphones peering through the glass at us in each room where Churchill sat. Not only were we granted entry to the Key Ceremony at the Tower of London, but we had the inside scoop about where to be and what to do from our Beefeater guide inside the gates. Camilla has consistently paired us with extremely knowledgeable guides that filled our days with fun and willingly changed plans on the fly when we were having a particularly good time and didn’t want to move on." - Melissa Haskell