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Hickox, owner of bespoke travel consulting firm Local Foreigner, is dedicated to setting the standard of excellence for integrity of expertise, quality of service, and attention to detail for those who invest in the experience of travel. Her team of advisors spans generations and experience levels, from millennial powerhouses to second-act career vets. Hickox and her three business partners (an all-female leadership team) founded Local Foreigner in 2015, when they recognized a need for greater personalization in the luxury travel planning space. Attracting an elite group of well-traveled clients, Local Foreigner specializes in once-in-a-lifetime multigenerational trips and over-the-top destination celebrations. 

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Over-the-top trips and villas

Languages Spoken: English and French

Average Daily Spend: $1,500 per person

Trip Planning Fees: Varies

Contact Info | 646-455-3101 | New York

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