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Having worked as a naturalist, photographer, Zodiac captain, and trip leader, Palmer knows the best ships for navigating polar regions and warm-weather spots where adventure, wildlife-watching, and scientific research intersect. He recently arranged a number of custom trips to Alaska and the Galapagos Islands. "My area of focus is expedition-style cruising, smaller ships that visit some of the most remote and spectacular regions on the planet," he says.

Recently, he helped four generations of one family travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. "The trip resulted in the grandparents saying they spent the most quality time with their children and grandchildren than they had in years, while lifelong college friends, now in their mid-80’s, were able to explore Alaska’s Inside Passage," he adds.

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Alaska, Antarctica, the Arctic, the Galápagos Islands

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Average Daily Spend: $1,700 per person

Trip Planning Fees: $300

Contact Info | 206-204-1872 | Seattle


"Since 2006 we have relied on Ashton Palmer and the team at to help us explore the world from Svalbard in the north to Antarctica in the south and everywhere in between. Their knowledge and expertise has ensured that the 40+ trips we have booked have consistently exceeded our expectations. They are extremely responsive and always eager to help with any questions or issues that may arise. We have also referred numerous friends who have been extremely satisfied with their planning and expertise."- Bob S.

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