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Ashton Palmer


Before becoming a cruise specialist, Palmer spent years as an expedition leader, naturalist, Zodiac driver, and photographer in destinations ranging from Antarctica to the Amazon to the South Pacific. That experience means he knows what goes into making a life-changing adventure, whether it’s a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier in Alaska or a private guided tour of historic churches on Chiloé Island in Chile. What’s Palmer loving about the industry’s latest offerings? “Innovative features on new ships — such as science centers with interactive video displays, helicopters, submarines, infinity-style hot tubs, and quiet battery-powered cruising — are making expedition cruising more enriching and more comfortable than ever before. Many operators are also investing in cleaner technology since sustainability is becoming more important to travelers, so we’re finding ways to include this element in conversations with our clients.”

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Alaska, the Amazon, Antarctica, the Arctic, Baja California, the Galápagos Islands, Patagonia, the South Pacific, and Southeast Asia

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend: From $475 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: $250

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