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Between them, Cole and Ross have more than 25 years of experience in planning trips to Southeast Asia. They're particularly adept at zeroing in on travelers' specific passions, from seeing wildlife in Borneo to food tours of Hanoi or Saigon.

In response to the pandemic, Andrea and April also offer travel "coaching" to help clients understand the type of trip that best suits their goals and desires. They recently implemented a new business model during the pandemic. "We decided to go back to school and get our certificates in life and wellness coaching from UC Davis," Ross says. "We realized that coaching could be a powerful way to approach travel planning. It helps people understand, through discussion and powerful questions, what kind of traveler they are and what they want from a trip."

And while Ross and Cole are planning trips again, they are also having discussions on travel fears and post-pandemic plans. "We love that now, we can take the time to really focus on the client and help them see themselves in a clearer light as a traveler. As the world opens back up, we've seen people want to take a deeper look into themselves and travel in general."


Languages Spoken: English, Khmer, and Thai

Minimum Daily Spend: From $250 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info

andrea@kaanect.life and april@kaanect.life | 877-454-3672 | Truckee, Calif.


Instagram: @kaanect


"A friend and I served in the Army during the Vietnam War. We were there at the same time, 1969, but in different areas. Fifty years later, we decided that we wanted to return and visit the places we were deployed. Andrea and April were simply amazing in organizing our trip. They asked us for the locations we wished to visit and set up an itinerary for us that included every location. Our guides were excellent, knowledgeable, and professional. Our accommodations were first-class and we wanted for nothing. I cannot speak highly enough about how well it all went. We both agree that it was the trip of a lifetime. We are still in touch with Andrea and both of our Vietnam guides." - Paul O.


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