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TThis Arabic speaker crafts itineraries that speak to passions of all types (a recent example: a destination cookbook photography project). She can score prime seats at the Dubai Opera and pull off a smashing wedding in Oman.

"We can arrange anything related to comfort, as long as it's safe," she says. These include: "Airport greeters and check-in expediting services, high-end accommodations, museum private tours, butler service, and a great concierge able to secure last-minutes requests."

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Corporate Travel, Europe, and Asia

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, and French

Minimum Daily Spend: From $300 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: From $85

Contact Info | 917-575-5800 | New York


"I have worked with Amalia for more than 20 years. The true game-changer was back in 2010, when the European continent shut down in response to the Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud. Amalia went to great lengths to get me out of the Netherlands, across Europe (car, train, boat, and car), and back home. I will never understand how she managed to coordinate with a Flemish-only speaking driver to get me into London, and even made sure he bought a phone charger for me so I could speak to her.

Amalia later organized my honeymoon and personal trips through South America and Africa, with all the bells and whistles, using every loyalty point I had to help me save on cost. She is a saint with the most incredible attitude. It is a pleasure for me to provide a very, very small sample of the incredible efforts Amalia has put in. There is no challenge Amalia hasn't solved with calmness, patience, professionalism, and with a smile on both our faces." - R. W.

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