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Almario has arranged logistically challenging trips, far from the crowds, for more than 30 years. From exploring Peru's Sacred Valley to sailing the Pacific Ocean on an all-suite catamaran, her trips accommodate photographers and honeymooners alike. A favorite destination she expects will become even stronger: "The Galápagos have always been popular, but once the entire local population (including visiting travel professionals) became fully vaccinated, the islands were perceived as a safe bubble," she says. "The already-protected wildlife thrived. According to local experts, the Galápagos archipelago was the in the world to have a 99 percent vaccination compliance rate."


Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend: From $500 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info

alliea@premier​ | 800-545-1910 | Philadelphia


"For an Ecuador trip, Allie was fantastic at accommodating our complicated schedules (kids and I flying in from West Coast, my husband joining us later in the trip from the East Coast). The pandemic hit two weeks before our departure. We thought we had lost everything (we had already paid for the entire trip). Amazingly, Allie was able to retain all of our bookings. I honestly don't know how she did that — it's not something I could have ever navigated.

In March 2021, we actually took the trip. Allie was even more incredible in this post-Covid world. We never could have done any of this on our own. And most importantly, we never had to worry or fret about it, because we knew Allie was taking care of it all. Her hotel picks, scheduling, and transfers were all top-notch. She recommended a few days in the Highlands at Hacienda Zuleta, which ended up being one of the highlights and my kids' favorite hotel. And her recommendation of La Selva Jungle Lodge was spot-on. I felt I was taking a collegiate level tropical ecology/biology course. It was everything that I dreamed the Amazon would be. The Galápagos are as fantastic as reported, you feel like you are living in a National Geographic special." - Julie H.

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