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Whether arranging a visit to an artist’s studio in Chile or finding a guide with a passion for photography to lead a hike in the Amazon, Richt knows exactly how to cater to travelers’ interests. She also operates in Central America and Antarctica.

“Colombia is incredible for its nature and food, with chefs now gaining well-deserved worldly recognition,” Richt says. “I’m planning a trip there where the group will join the Llanero cowboys in the wetlands of Los Llanos — a haven for birds and big cats and an excellent place to learn about the traditional methods of farming. Then they'll discover another ecosystem as they explore the cloud forests of Sierra Nevada,  a peaceful destination where you can hike or enjoy river floating trips and try out locally grown coffee.”

Language(s) Spoken: English and Spanish

Additional specialities: Central America and Antarctica

Average Daily Spend: $1,500 per person

Trip Planning Fees: none

Contact Info | 646-844-4082 

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