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A global citizen who grew up in Jakarta, Pindar has a knack for matching personalities with far-flung destinations. Erina operates from the belief that the foundation of any trip is trust. Getting to know clients on a human level is a critical component of working on their behalf to anticipate and deliver on her travelers' personal preferences every step of the way.

Pindar’s multicultural background allows her to continually develop a diversified footprint for SmartFlyer, a New York City-based luxury travel agency. For over a decade, she has continued to act as a hands-on travel advisor designing custom itineraries for an ultra-discerning clientele. For her, it's all about offering out-of-the-box recommendations vetted by the vast SmartFlyer network. Erina's pulse on both the needs of today’s luxury travelers combined with invaluable industry relationships enhances each and every client trip she touches.

Language(s) Spoken: English and Indonesian

Average Daily Spend: $1,250 per person

Trip Planning Fees: From $500

Contact Info  | 212-268-9088

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