Weekend Getaways

Newport Sea-Life Spotting

1 Oregon Coast Aquarium

Attend an otter feeding frenzy before seeing sharks, touch pools, and a resident giant octopus.

2 Panini Bakery

The high-quality take-out fare includes made-from-scratch pastries, egg dishes, pizza by the slice, and, of course, panini sandwiches.

3 Local Ocean Seafoods

The restaurant serves sustainable seafood (and a kids’ menu) harborside.

4 Anchor Pier

Enjoy great bay views from a private deck, and bright, nautically themed rooms.

5 Sea Lion Caves

The largest natural sea lions cave in the world, this location is home to an average herd size of 200 wild Stellar sea lions and also attracts sea birds like gulls and cormorants, along with the occasional California sea lions plus gray and killer whales. Discovered in 1880, the cave was formed 25 million years ago. Visitors can also see skeletal remains of sea lions and a large bronze statue of a sea lion family. Open daily, park services offer guided walking tours (expect 10 to 20 percent inclines). In spring and summer, seas lions can often be seen outside the cave on the surrounding rocks.


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