Weekend Getaways

Peaceful Provincetown, MA

1 Beech Forest Trail

Walk the mile-long Beech Forest Trail, which winds through fragile sand dunes.

2 Gull Pond

One of the secret springs left over from the Ice Age, hidden deep in the Wellfleet and Truro woods. The water is exquisitely clear and silky.

3 Flyer’s Boat Shop & Rentals

Flyer’s Boat Shop & Rental, in Provincetown, runs a funky service out to the wild, sandy spit where the Atlantic and the bay meet. If you'd like, the shop rents sailboats, powerboats, and kayaks to take out on your own.

4 Red Inn

At the Red Inn in P-town, the view of the sun setting over the bay is so spectacular that you almost don’t even notice how good the food is. (But try the pan-roasted cod with a lemon-garlic confit, served on a bed of rosemary potatoes and applewood bacon.

5 Ciro & Sals

The upper and lower dining rooms of this East End Provincetown restaurant are as different as day and night. Upstairs, the Tuscany Room includes paintings from the namesake region, while the main room boasts big windows, high ceilings, mirrors, a brick fireplace, and a garden view. Downstairs is a wine-cellar setting with low ceilings, Chianti bottles hung in wicker baskets, and brick and woodwork accents. The Northern Italian cuisine includes pasta and various dishes centered on seafood, chicken, or veal.

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