8 Great Tips for Adjusting to Life After a Long Solo Trip
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8 Great Tips for Adjusting to Life After a Long Solo Trip

Solo Travel Re-Entry
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Redditors offered some great tips.

Returning to your normal schedule after vacation is hard in any situation, but when you're coming back from an epic solo journey, it can come with some extra trouble.

Experiencing the world on your own is a truly enriching experience (and one we highly suggest having), but without anyone in your day-to-day life to reminisce or giggle over inside jokes with, recalling memories of a wonderful solo trip can bring more nostalgia than joy.

One traveler experiencing the pains of re-entry recently reached out on Reddit for advice from others who have been through it. The comments were a wonderful dive into the challenges of resuming life with an added understanding of how the world works outside of your daily bubble.

Read on, and take notes:

Returned after 7 Week solotrip and struggling. from solotravel

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