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Plus, her go-to travel shoe. 

Lindsey Campbell
November 21, 2016

Touring the world as a model has its perks: Spending more time on the road than at home will quickly turn anyone into a pro-traveler.

No one knows this better than Chrissy Teigen, who has spent much of her career traveling the globe for runway shows and spreads in Sports Illustrated.

We caught up with Teigen at the Chase Sapphire Reserve event in New York City, where she shared her favorite travel shoes and the one thing she never wears to the airport.

“It’s always a pair of heels. For the most part it’s a boot or something I can get off quickly,” Teigen told Travel + Leisure. But there’s more to her choice than just looks.

“I’m in capable of wearing flats,” Teigen said. “For some reason my calves are at their most relaxed when they’re in 6-inch heels. When I wear flats, they are super tense and I’m very uncomfortable in them.”

Based on recent shots of Teigen at the airport, it’s seems super versatile black heels are her main go-to. And, while her travel shoe of choice might not be the most comfortable, we have to admit she always looks great. We’ll just file this one under, “Airport looks to strive for.”

Love her look? See below for a few styles we think would be Teigen-approved.

Courtesy of Nordstrom

To buy: Nordstrom (left to right)  $415, $149.95, $845$89.90

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