Restaurants in Zürich

This is one of the most famous restaurant-cafes in the world. It's here that literati from James Joyce to W. Somerset Maugham held court and while the people watching remains stellar, the drinks and light fare are very good too.

This is well known and highly regarded restaurant features Provencal and Spanish dishes are the highlights.

Delicious, Neapolitan style pizza is served up fresh in this lively restaurant in the middle of the Niederdorf. The pizza here is as good, if not better than the quality of pies you'd find in Italy and NYC.

Located inside the Widder Hotel, the well curated menu emphasizes regional cuisine and a jazz bar that's one of the liveliest shows in town.

Set inside a gothic 13th century guildhall, the dining experience here can best be described as deeply romantic. Set beside the Limmat river in the heart of Zurich, the ambiance is sedate as you sit in a dimly lit room with bowed ceilings.

With commanding views of the city, this hotel restaurant has a touch of formality due to its setting and menu. The food is definitely on point here, as is the view of Zurich below.

Touted as one of the country's best gourmand experiences, this Michelin star restaurant is a short tram ride from the city center. With artistic presentations of food, colorful ingredients, and a playful outlook on dining, it's worth the trip.

There's always a good time to be had at Zeughauskeller. Located inside an enormous beer hall with long tables and big mugs of beer, the food is the real deal here, and while it's not fancy, you have a taste of Switzerland without the fuss.

This restaurant is all about optionality. With tasting menus that are creative and ever-changing, the kitchen is imaginative rather than devoted to classic cooking styles.

This restaurant is all about chicken. Often roasted and served along with seasonal salads, soups, pastas, and potatoes, this is a great alternative to the beef and pork focused establishments that dominate the culinary scene in Zurich.

A very pleasant, traditional Swiss restaurant that hits all the high notes with a menu that adheres to the best of the country's Swiss-German cuisine with a twist of French-Swiss refinement.

A cool sushi bar with yellow fin tuna (blue fan is banned in Europe), salmon, and whatever else is fresh and in season, this is the perfect alternative if you've had enough cheese, meat, and bread.

The Sonnenberg has a well-defined albeit traditional menu along with some of the best views of the city. You can't go wrong with house specials including the strips of veal in cream sauce or the fried duck liver garnished with apples and raisins.

Located in the trendy Hotel Rivington, this restaurant offers consistently good food inspired by something you'd find at a NYC brunch.

It doesn't get any fancier, or better than this. Located in the hotel of the same name, dining here is all about luxury. At the helm of this ship is Michelin star chef Laurent Eperon, who perfectly epitomizes the high end Zurich dining experience.