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By Molly Hannon
Believe it or not, there are more breweries per capita in the tiny European country of Switzerland than anywhere else in the world. “A lot of people don’t know this,” says British-expat Michael Jones, co-founder of The International, Zurich’s firs...
By Andrea Bennett
It’s rare that anyone actually enjoys being in airports these days, but if you’re obliged to wait out, say, a seven-hour layover, you’ll likely find it far more pleasant to do so overseas than in some bleak U.S. terminal. Consider your options abr...
By Jim Glab
What are the most expensive cities to visit on business?London?Paris?Zurich?Two consulting firms (one American, one Swiss) studied this question and came up with the same answer: Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Moscow. The U.S. firm, Runzheimer Internatio...
By Everett Potter

Taking off on a journey alone? Have no fear. Here are the safest, friendliest countries for your solo adventure.

Hotels in Zürich

Located in the heart of the city right near the train station, Hotel Marriott is a modern hotel and good choice for those traveling on business.

Restaurants in Zürich

This is one of the most famous restaurant-cafes in the world. It's here that literati from James Joyce to W. Somerset Maugham held court and while the people watching remains stellar, the drinks and light fare are very good too.

Things to do in Zürich

Everyone has their favorite cheese shop. This is one of the best.