Restaurants in Zanzibar

For centuries, Zanzibar was an incredibly busy trading hub, drawing merchants from the continent, Arabia, Europe, and China. That multicultural heritage is reflected in Zanzibar restaurants, where you'll find a diverse array of international cuisines. Fishing is another major industry in Zanzibar, and as such seafood dishes are all over the menus at restaurants in Zanzibar. And of course, you're in the Spice Islands, where clove, nutmeg, pepper, vanilla, and coriander are harvested, and fruits like bananas, coconuts, limes, and jackfruit grow in abundance. Try new cuisines at of some of the best restaurants in Zanzibar.

The Emerson Spice Rooftop Restaurant is the perfect place to sample Swahili-inspired cuisine. It offers dishes such as passion fruit fish ceviche, calamari-stuffed tomato, and coconut-chilli fish baked in banana leaf. The Terrace Restaurant offers views of Stone Town and the turquoise ocean. It is known for its Asian specialties.

The House of Spices serves Western dishes, such as homemade pasta and pizza, but like most Zanzibar restaurants it also offers seafood dishes like crab claws, prawns, calamari, and grilled fish. Monsoon Restaurant is another popular spot for Swahili cuisine, served in an outdoor terrace that offers amazing views over the ocean and Fordhani Gardens.