Restaurants in Wyoming

Who doesn’t love a place where you get to throw peanut shells on the floor? Between Jackson and Teton Village, Q Roadhouse welcomes you—it takes reservations!—with a pail of peanuts and follows that with sophisticated BBQ.

Bubba’s is so busy that if someone happens to have a meltdown, it’s likely no nearby diners will notice. If they do, their beef brisket or St. Louis-style ribs—the house specialties—are so good they won’t care. The crux of eating here is the wait, which can be close to an hour in the summer.

This bright café specializes in raw and vegan fare and it does fresh extracted juices, but you can get bison (among other proteins) added to most anything. I’m addicted to the Bombay Bowl (and there’s often enough leftovers for an afternoon snack). My boyfriend to the bison tacos.

Even if Sweetwater wasn’t in a log cabin pioneers built in 1915, it’d be the most popular lunch spot in town for its huge and diverse menu.

Grab prepared foods, soups, and sandwiches using hormone and antibiotic-free meats and wild-caught seafood to go or sit down and eat at this gourmet grocer one block from the Town Square.

Three words: grilled tenderloin sliders. This semi-private country club is known for having some of the best steaks in town. At lunch, the chef makes them into the best sliders you’ll ever have. In fact, most every item on the menu will be among the best you’ve ever had.

Sometimes you just need some TCP. Turkey, Cran, Pesto, that is. This budget-friendly downtown café has been the valley’s go-to spot for salads and sammies (the TCP is a sandwich) for well over a decade now. The local consensus is that the turkey chili here is among the best in town.

You don’t usually go to an Austrian restaurant for a burger, but make an exception here.

This semi-private country club has a traditional burger made from ground beef and topped with bacon and your choice of cheese, but its grilled tenderloin sliders are even better. Get them medium-rare and the meat is so tender you’ll think you’re biting through butter.

The Snake River Grill is the most lauded restaurant in town. Why? Even when it comes to something simple like a burger, they obsess about the details.

Right on the Town Square, Local restaurant has a burger for upwards of $20. In the attached bar area, you can get a pared down version using the same locally sourced beef for about $10. Also, the bar, U-shaped and giant, is more fun than the restaurant. 

From beef to bison, turkey, veggie, and even ahi, Liberty Burger knows their patties. They also prepare them perfectly and sell them at a good price. Sides—fries, onion rings—are extra. The Big O rings are the valley’s best food buy: $5 for a heaping plate. They’re also delicious.

Locals generally agree on the best Mexican place in the valley: the affordable, walk-up and family-owned Sanchez, located between the Town Square and Snow King.

For a town its size, Jackson has a surprising number of sushi restaurants—and most seek to be transportive, making you feel like you’ve left Jackson behind when you walk in the door. Case in point: King Sushi is in a log cabin.

Whether you snag a table in the restaurant, or want to go less formal and eat at the bar, the butter chicken, inventive cocktails and mussels are standouts at this newish Indian spot one block from the Town Square.