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By Henry Alford
It's a sunshiny day at Disney's Epcot this May. A camera-wielding mother watches her six-year-old nuzzle in the bosom of Minnie Mouse, who is crouching on the sidewalk in a way that ordinary mice cannot. "Look at the camera, Shannon!" Mom trills. ...
By Michael Z. Wise
Outside the stately brick capitol, Patrick Henry debates how to respond to British tyranny as a harried messenger arrives from Lexington to announce that armed conflict has begun. Later, outside the same building, a Native American in headdress de...
By Nina Fedrizzi
By Samantha Cleaver
By Mark Ellwood

Hotels in Williamsburg

The 18th-century houses and taverns scattered throughout the historic village are retrofitted with modern comforts, bathrooms chief among them.

Restaurants in Williamsburg

The revolutionary spirit prevails after 5, when 18th-century fare like Brunswick stew and Welsh rarebit are accompanied by colonial-style entertainment and family sing-alongs.