Restaurants in Whistler

Restaurants in Whistler range from takeout joints to luxurious, fine-dining establishments. The on-slope food served on the mountains is both varied and tasty. High-altitude Whistler restaurant options include bowls of udon noodles, salmon steak, and enormous whip-cream smothered waffles, along with the more traditional fast-food fare.

Visitors looking for a good place to splurge should make a reservation at Araxi Restaurant & Bar. Considered to be one of the best restaurants in Whistler, Araxi serves up inventive dishes made from local, freshly sourced ingredients, which are complemented by the restaurant’s extensive 15,000 bottle wine selection. While entry options are delicious, save room for desert. The restaurant’s playful take on the traditional cheesecake shouldn’t be missed.

Those in search of more casual Whistler restaurants should consider Purebread. It's a popular brunch spot renowned for its baked goods, including salted caramel bars and sour cherry chocolate chip cookies. Rimrock Café is a restaurant beloved by locals for its seafood (don’t leave without sampling the seared scallops) and down-to-earth atmosphere.