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By Michael Joseph Gross
Mount Ngauruhoe, 10 a.m. Half a morning’s hike across a treeless, lunar landscape of black lava boulders—covered with colonies of white-green lichen and ferns as tiny as babies’ toes—gets me to the foot of the volcano. Each rock along the trail ...
Exhibition An exhibition at the New-York Historical Society (March 5–July 4; nyhistory.org) demonstrates the Grateful Dead’s enduring legacy and wide-reaching cultural influence, drawing on the University of California, Santa Cruz’s Grateful Dead...
By Adam Sachs
“You can get tuatuas here,” Anne Moore says, brightly. “A tuatua,” she adds by way of explanation, “is like a pipi but not as big as a toheroa.” I have no idea what she’s talking about but the sound of the words makes me happy. Tuatuas and...

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Wellington’s best boutique hotel.

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Peter Thornley's menu is an effortless mix of traditional and contemporary New Zealand.