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Mahina and Suns

412 Lewers St., Honolulu, HI 96815 | (808) 924-5810, United States
Mahina and Suns Restaurant in Oahu
Courtesy of Mahina and Suns
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Hotel restaurant

Chef Ed Kenney ventured outside of Kaimuki (the neighborhood where his other restaurants—Town, Kaimuki Superette, and Mud Hen Water—are located) for his latest endeavor, housed within the hip Surfjack Hotel in Waikiki. Although it’s a tourist-heavy area, Kenney’s aim was to make this a destination not just for vacationers, but for locals as well. The menu concept (fresh salads using local ingredients; sustainably sourced seafood) is generally similar to Kenney’s first restaurant, Town, but the draw here is the groovy, retro atmosphere and design, with elements from local creative talents (like wallpaper by Andrew Mau and custom lamps by Mark Chai) that give the dining room a unique sense of place you won’t find anywhere else in Waikiki.

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