Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda Travel Guide

Whether you love sports, nature or relaxation, finding what to do in Virgin Gorda is a breeze. Consider a trip to one of the island's many national parks to discover and be delighted by bird sanctuaries, tropical forests, and shipwrecks. For those who love delving into history, one of the best things to do in Virgin Gorda is to visit the many historical sites, such as the Copper Mine, the churches, the old Plantation Estates, and Fort Burt.

But of course, you're in the Caribbean for one major reason—to spend time on the beach. Virgin Gorda's beaches are breathtakingly beautiful, and a visit is nearly mandatory. The coastline, with pristine sandy beaches and the dazzling Caribbean Sea, invite you to lay down on the sand and feel the warmth of the sun while enjoying the astonishing surrounding beauty. Feeling athletic and wondering about things to do in Virgin Gorda? Try water sports. From kayaking in the lagoons to surfing in the sea, from kiteboarding to parasailing to swimming with dolphins, the water lover won't have a problem when thinking about what to do in Virgin Gorda. Not yet satisfied? Then perhaps diving or snorkeling in the countless reefs, stunning underwater caves, lava tunnels and canyons to discover the exotic underwater treasures is the right thing for you.

The island's most famous beach is a series of small coves. Its many granite boulders look like marbles tossed into the blue bay. Tip: go early or late in the day to avoid crowds.

On Saturdays, this renegade outdoor market appears in Spanish Town. Jewelry and sarong designers join forces with DJ's for a lively morning that stretches into the evening (care of more than a few rum punches).

Yachtsmen stop in here for staples, but it’s also the place to put together a gourmet picnic lunch for the beach.

Virgin Gorda's main strip, Spanish Town, may be a who-cares-if-you-miss-it blip on the radar, but Margo's Jewellery Boutique is an enchanting discovery filled with baubles from India and Turkey.

Located near the yacht harbor in Spanish Town, the shop sells treasures from the sea—starfish, shells, and coins found in shipwrecks from the days of buccaneers.