Restaurants in Veneto

Veneto--like all of Italy--is famous for its delicious food, and restaurants in Veneto deliver culinary delights that make the most of local harvests. Restaurants in Veneto range from cosmopolitan favorites in Venice to traditional home cooking in village cafes, but everywhere takes the same pride in good food made with fresh ingredients. Travelers in Veneto can look forward to salty seafood caught daily in the Adriatic Sea, steaming bowls of pasta and risotto, locally sourced vegetables, and, of course, plenty of wine. The region has some of Italy’s most productive vineyards, which specialize in Soave, Valpolicella, Amarone, and Prosecco. Be sure to consult the sommelier in Veneto restaurants for recommendations. Whether you seek a fine dining experience or a casual Italian feast, Veneto offers it all. Check out the list below to find the best restaurants in Veneto.

Trieste’s famous 19th-century restaurant's décor is slightly kitschy, a sort of Eastern European farmhouse style, and the food, in keeping, is meat. Families are gathered around platters of succulent beef and lamb just off the open grill.

Modeled after the Bottega del Vino in Verona, Italy, this restaurant on the southeast corner of Central Park serves north Italian dishes like rosemary-encrusted salmon, braised baby octopus, and tortellini stuffed with beef and prosciutto in a black truffle sauce.

Excellent small-town fare.