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This story originally appeared on For adventure lovers around the country, camping in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is a popular bucket-list... Read More

Customs and Border Patrol at the Otay Mesa southern U.S. border arrested a California teenager for attempting to smuggle a tiger cub into the... Read More

A rule of thumb when talking to passengers: Choose your words wisely. Of course, pilots and flight crew usually do.One pilot on a United Airlines flight... Read More

Once all the turkey and stuffing left overs have been cleared from the table, that means only one thing for New Yorkers: it’s time to get lit.At least,... Read More

As Hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a category two storm Friday, and will soon make landfall on the Gulf Coast, residents and travelers in the... Read More

A family is currently in search of a live-in nanny to take care of their four children — while getting to spend time in locations that include London,... Read More

This story originally appeared on The winner of the largest single lottery prize in U.S. history has already quit her day job, the Associated... Read More

Tree-lined, cobblestone streets and historic townhouses are two of the most well-known features of the West Village — a New York... Read More

The FAA estimates that about 11,000 birds collide with planes every year across the country. While most of the time these accidents (often called... Read More

This story originally appeared on and Victoria Beckham continue to come to terms with the fact that their son Brooklyn is leaving the... Read More

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of America’s favorite beach towns, and with mile after mile of coast and endless entertainment options, it’s not... Read More

In what sounds more like a scene from Jaws than real life, a great white shark bloodied the waters just 25 yards off the coast of Cape Cod on... Read More

Uber just launched a new way to get free rides: a rewards system that can be used for everything from your morning coffee or a quick drug... Read More

With the Powerball’s jackpot growing to a near record-breaking high, some lottery players might already be thinking of what to do if they win. Anyone... Read More

One of New York City’s most iconic addresses is up for sale. All you need is $560 million to buy it.According to Bloomberg, the majority owner of New... Read More

On Tuesday, Delta Air Lines introduced a video chat customer service center at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, D.C.“More... Read More

Malia Obama made her official debut at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Tuesday — but rather than a presidential affair, she and... Read More

This story originally appeared on A Stranger Things bar seemed inevitable: The breakout Netflix hit is full of iconic food moments: A... Read More

If you’re looking to explore the buzzing fashion scene and art world of Milan, Italy, booking a trip with a companion can help save you big bucks with... Read More

WOW Air announced on Tuesday the addition of four new routes from cities across the Midwest — and their famous $99 one-way flights to Iceland to... Read More

This story originally appeared on It seems Thon Maker, like many people of late, got screwed by United Airlines this week.Related... Read More

This story originally appeared on Target is much-beloved for its inexpensive selection of home goods, but its grocery section never... Read More

Though Scottsdale is just northeast of Arizona’s capital, Phoenix, the city has plenty of its own attraction. Set in the gorgeous Sonoran Desert,... Read More

Following accelerating tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, leadership from North Korea threatened to launch missiles toward the island of Guam, a... Read More

This story originally appeared on of America stopped for a few minutes to look up at the sky on Monday, but maybe only a select few were... Read More

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