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An area of Auburn, New York, home to famed Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman, is on its way to becoming a national historical park.“As a New... Read More

The only thing cuter than the fact that otters hold hands while they sleep is how they frolic in the snow.It's true the first snow of the... Read More

Instead of its usual eruption of hot water, Yellowstone’s famous geyser has been shooting snow straight up into the sky. Although, it’s not so much a... Read More

New York City's Broadway theaters will dim their marquee lights at 7:45 p.m. ET for one minute on Friday, January 6, in honor of Debbie Reynolds and... Read More

If there's one thing we all have in common, it's birthdays. And given the media spotlight celebrities are constantly viewed under, they never seem to... Read More

The world is full of surreal landscapes, from the salt flats of Bolivia to Lake Natron in Tanzania. If these spots are the kind of things you bucket... Read More

This story originally appeared on California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains could see more than 10 feet of snow this week as several... Read More

This story originally appeared on Scientists have scratched their heads in recent years as a series of major hurricanes have... Read More

Back in November, Disney announced a newcomer to its Animal Kingdom park: Pandora—The World of Avatar. Taking an imaginative world like the fictional... Read More

There are a lot of people we'd take a restaurant recommendation from, but Anthony Bourdain tops the list.Not only has the man traveled around the world... Read More

Los Angeles and San Francisco are feuding over their latest West Coast rivalry: which city will become home to Star Wars creator George Lucas’ new... Read More

The “Winter White House,” where President Obama and family stayed from 2008 to 2011, is available for anybody to book—for $3,500 per night.The luxury... Read More

On New Year's Eve, a popular viewpoint in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park tumbled into the ocean. The section of the 26-acre lava delta was called the... Read More

Los Angeles’s legendary private club for magicians is opening a second location later this year. The Magic Castle will open a satellite magic castle in... Read More

For most locals and travelers alike, watching the fog roll over Golden Gate Bridge is an event worth the hours of sleep you might lose trying to make it... Read More

There's something about watching red pandas that reminds us there are good things in the world.And this video of the furry little dudes enjoying a fresh... Read More

A U.S. customs system outage that triggered extensive airport delays across the country Monday was not caused by any "malicious" incident, according to... Read More

This story originally appeared on the past few days, tens of thousands of people have been tuning in to watch Eagle Cam—24/7 live... Read More

Dallas is famous for its agreeable climate (most of the year). And there's no better way to experience the sunny southern weather—or picture-worthy... Read More

There are some urban legends that never die. Whether it’s a story about a man who fell on the subway tracks or something more inspirational (like a... Read More

Eleven national park service sites, including scenic trails and historic monuments, are scattered across the state or Georgia. But few areas are as... Read More

You may think you’ve sipped and slurped it all before, but there are plenty of under-the-radar options across Walt Disney World worth taking note of.... Read More

If you think all theme park snacks are the same, get ready to be blown away. There’s plenty more than nachos, pretzels and popcorn on offer at Orlando’s... Read More

President Obama declared two new national monuments on Wednesday, a move that will protect more than 1.65 million acres of public lands from development... Read More

This story originally appeared on In 1957 at the age of just 15, Henry Ungaro and his cousin Tommy Amalfitano were slinging whole fish... Read More

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