Upper Eastside

MiMo Architecture Tour


Biscayne Blvd.,
United States,

South Beach was founded on the saving of Art Deco, and now it's Miami Modern's (MiMo) turn. Prime examples of this architectural style line the choice strip of Biscayne Boulevard between NE 50th Street and NE 77th Street, the boundaries of the MiMo/Biscayne Boulevard Historic District. Adorned with great motels like the Saturn and the Shalimar, built mostly between 1945 and the late 1960's, it's an atomic-age-meets-Popluxe style. Cruise this stretch of the boulevard to see the epicenter of Miami's historic preservation movement. The area has become the new early period Ocean Drive, and it's getting trendier every day; it also provides one of the best architectural tours in the country.