Restaurants in Turkey

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Don’t miss the red mullet and smoked octopus at this 110-year-old restaurant. Read More

Mabeyin restaurant takes its name from the area between the harem (women’s section) and selamlik (men’s section) in Ottoman palaces where... Read More

If the name of this rooftop bistro in the city's Beverly-Hills-type neighborhood of Bebek betrays a certain European flavor, it’s not by accident.... Read More

In 2012, chef Mehmet Gurs reoriented Mikla’s menu away from Europe and introduced dishes highlighting ingredients from Turkey, becoming the progenitor... Read More

Booked up nightly by a sophisticated crowd. The fish is generally fantastic, and priced accordingly. Read More

Turkish home-style dishes are the main attraction at this cute corner café run by a professional caterer and her husband. Expect a great salad selection... Read More

This museum restaurant is noted for its neo-60’s interior of unpolished ... Read More

Don't let the Bosporus and Sea of Marmara view from this rooftop restaurant distract from what's on the plate at this serene venue headed by Cordon Bleu... Read More

The rooftop lounge at this bar-and-restaurant complex is Beyoglu’s party central. Read More

In the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, the Pera neighborhood has staged a comeback of recent years, reclaiming its title of the hippest neighborhood.... Read More

In a shopping mall near Levent, the center of upscale modern Istanbul, Osmani has a fresh and sharp range of Turkish food flavors. This is where health... Read More

Architects and designers hold lunch meetings over bowls of just-like-mom’s bulgur. Read More

The antiques-filled restaurant, known for its home-style stews, is set in an old Ottoman row house under the shadow of the Blue Mosque. Reserve a window... Read More

One of the many meyhane-style restaurants in the bohemian Asmali Mescit neighborhood, Refik distinguishes with its cuisine and storied past. A long... Read More

The food is fresh, healthy, and reasonably priced at this buffet-style international restaurant. You can find surprisingly good Turkish meze, such as... Read More

As the name implies, the restaurant is set in a hidden garden with a view of the small yacht marina. Specialties include stuffed calamari, which like... Read More

The shoebox of a café off Selçuk’s main square serves a variety of meze appetizers, as well as grilled meats. But the specialty is... Read More

Famished after haggling for kilims at the Covered Bazaar? It’s worth tracking down to this macho kebab dive colonized by gaggles of mustached... Read More

Concealed amid the business-class lounges, this spacious, sunlit restaurant looks as if it would be forbidden to steerage passengers, but it’s not... Read More

If you’re not quite ready to plunge into Turkish culture the moment you arrive, pop in for one last half-caf Venti skinny latte before you leave... Read More

Goldsmiths, rug lords, and copperware kings pack into the homey Subaşi for fortifying white beans in tomato sauce and chicken stuffed with rice. Read More

Forget the burger-joint visions the name connotes: this elegant rooftop spot is one of the city’s most sophisticated dining destinations. Should... Read More

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