Tulum Travel Guide

There are several nightclubs in Tulum for those wanting some late-night entertainment and dancing. The Papaya Playa Project is a hopping club with festive parties and music events almost every night in the Tribal Room. The Curandero is made out of recycled objects and has local bands playing four nights a week. This will give you an opportunity to learn about the musical tastes of the people and have a good time yourself!
If you're with a group and want a great group discount, try taking some kite boarding lessons just a little ways away from the Papaya Playa Project. Surfing classes are also offered. If you're looking to be active or for things to do in Tulum during your vacation, I Bike Tulum is a company that rents out mountain bikes and beach cruisers so you can breeze around the town.

Many cenotes—sinkholes in the subterranean rivers that riddle the Yucatán—are either limited to divers or overrun with crowds, but not this 15-by-130-foot pool, fringed with fan palms on a rocky bluff.

The 11th-century walled city's 15 pyramids are illuminated in shades of red, blue, and amber for 45-minute nighttime tours.

Once the most powerful Mayan city-state in the northeastern Yucatán, this 26-square-mile site, crisscrossed by raised limestone roads called sacbéob and home to three pyramids, remains relatively untouched by excavators’ hammers and tourist traffic.

Jaguars, ocelots, and tapirs, as well as hundreds of species of birds and fish, roam these 1.3 million acres of coastal jungle, home to nearly every Yucatán ecosystem and studded with unexcavated ruins.