Restaurants in Tulum

There are several dining options available in Tulum from seafood to Mexican. Cetli is one of the best restaurants in Tulum. Chef Claudia Rivas creates meals inspired by traditional Mexican dishes, but with her own twist. Charlie's Restaurant has unusual décor in the form of conch-shells and a wall made entirely of glass bottles and is considered classic dining in Tulum. Other Tulum restaurants are nearby, like el Camello and Hartwood. Los Aguachiles is also a good place to try some Tulum seafood.
Sal y Fuego is listed on T+L as having spicy dishes made out of produce grown from around the restaurant grounds. The chef even teaches a cooking class for those interested. The Posada Margherita Restaurant serves Italian under candlelight and dishes can be altered to suit your taste. Restaurants in Tulum won't leave you hungry.

Located at the Hotel Esencia on Mexico's Caribbean coast, Sal y Fuego specializes in Meso-American-style cuisine. Many of the ingredients that go into the restaurant's most popular dishes include exotic spices and tropical produce grown on the hotel's own grounds.

This, intimate, open-walled Italian restaurant forgoes menus and sticks with a consistent rotation of a handful of pastas made in-house and two to three dishes built around fish caught that day. Each meal begins with an antipasto platter that includes bruschetta, focaccia, and cauliflower.