Toledo + Central Spain

Hotels in Toledo + Central Spain

Some of the best hotels in Toledo, like El Cigarral de Las Mercedes, are smaller, boutique options. El Cigarral is a charming, romantic option in the city. The best spots to choose are close to the older section of town, so you won’t have to trek too far to get to the sights you want to see. El Parador de Toledo has one of the best views in town, as does Hotel Abaceria. Eurostars Palacio Buenavista is a great luxury option. For hotels not in the center of town, it’s always an option to take a bus to get to the middle of it all.

Most Toledo hotels are budget-friendly, as it is a smaller city and travelers often choose to short day trips from Madrid instead of staying the night. Book ahead if you’re planning on traveling from July til September. See below for more options for hotels in Toledo.

Both a hotel and a working winery, Arzuaga is situated on a 3,460-acre estate in the Duero river valley, surrounded by scenic vineyards and a private game reserve. The stone façade echoes classical Spanish architecture, with a long portico and a central bell tower.

American expat Jayne Gunderson and her husband, Fernando Lleida Arcas, who comes from a distinguished line of Spanish hoteliers, turned a 12-acre olive and citrus farm into a venue for weddings, then opened 21 rooms for overnight guests.