Restaurants in Tobago

For travelers who want a new and exciting place to enjoy local cuisine in Tobago it’s great to peruse the options first. Whether it is the local café or fine dining there are plenty of choices for every type of traveler. Tobago restaurants have a diversity of cuisines. You can find American, Asian, Indian and of course Caribbean food.

As an island, Tobago naturally has a great selection of fresh seafood to choose from every day. Combined with Caribbean spices and cooking styles, their cuisine is something to get excited about. For seafood, Blue Crab Restaurant is noted as one of the top restaurants in the city. Stop by Café Cocoa for all sorts of beverages as well as Danish and cookies. Kariwak Village Restaurant changes its menu daily. The thatched-roof establishment serves and an excellent honey-baked chicken. Trinidadian celebrity chef Allyson Hennessy works with Caribbean flavors at Veni Mangé. Try eggplant with pawpaw and plantains, and coconut ice cream. See below for more restaurants in Tobago.

The menu changes daily at this thatched-roof joint, decorated with sculptures and paintings by local artists. Don’t miss the honey-baked chicken with grilled mushrooms and basmati rice.