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By Gregory Long
A keen amateur, I spend the summer tending the garden at my weekend house in upstate New York. But as the days shorten and I get ready to plunge into autumn, I like to travel to see what other gardeners have been up to. Last year I took off the f...
By Charles Gandee
By Paul Levy
Oxford is a secretive place. The university’s colleges turn inward, clustering around courtyards, unlike rival Cambridge, where some of the colleges spread along one bank of the Cam River. Until the queen opened its new building this past December...
By Lyndsey Matthews
By Raul Barreneche
England Founded in 1683, the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at Oxford University has treasures that span the history of mankind, from Minoan artifacts and English silver to an outstanding collection of drawings by Raphael and some of t...

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The tight space here brims with 2,000 woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, including a Swiss alpenhorn, one of the world's largest instruments.