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The Oxford Area Travel Guide

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  • Green Means Go

    A keen amateur, I spend the summer tending the garden at my weekend house in upstate New York. But as the days shorten and I get ready to plunge into... Read More

  • England: Ashmolean Museum’s Transformation

    Oxford is a secretive place. The university’s colleges turn inward, clustering around courtyards, unlike rival Cambridge, where some of the colleges... Read More

  • Ashmolean Museum Opens New Galleries

    England Founded in 1683, the Ashmolean Museum ... Read More

  • Art History Classes at Oxford

    HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I STUDIED AT OXFORD?Excuse me, did I say "studied"?I meant to say I read at Oxford—specifically, art history at Christ Church... Read More

  • England for Anglers

    The river test in southern England is one of the world's finest trout streams. The word in American fly-fishing circles was that you had to book your ... Read More

  • English University Museums

    DESTINATIONS Norwich, Cambridge, Oxford, Bath TRAVEL TIME Five days START/END London TOTAL DISTANCE 487 miles RESOURCES Buy a detailed map ($8.50) at... Read More

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