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The Bath + Bristol Area Travel Guide

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  • The Gainsborough, the U.K.’s Only Thermal Bath Spa

    The historic city of Bath, in England’s West Country, is better known for its genteel pursuits and heritage architecture than for its pioneering... Read More

  • Green Means Go

    A keen amateur, I spend the summer tending the garden at my weekend house in upstate New York. But as the days shorten and I get ready to plunge into... Read More

  • T+L Reports: Amsterdam art, Mapping America

    News on where to stay—what to see—what to buy… ... Read More

  • 5 Quick Getaways From 5 European Cities

    Only four years ago, the train trip from London to Paris was an all-day ordeal, with a ferry ride in the middle -- brightened only by the sight of Dover... Read More

  • Bath, England Spa

    For more than 10,000 years, until 1978, the thing to do in Bath was bathe. A cradle of health tourism since prehistoric times, Britain's only hot... Read More

  • England: Bristol's Tyntesfield

    Tyntesfield, a circa-1810 villa in the town of Wraxall that is open to the public for the first time, started out as modest Tyntes Place. The property... Read More

  • Brighton Beach Memoir

    Last fall I bought one of those super-trendy Moncler puff jackets. This will really wow the folks, I remember thinking as I inserted myself into this... Read More

  • English University Museums

    DESTINATIONS Norwich, Cambridge, Oxford, Bath TRAVEL TIME Five days START/END London TOTAL DISTANCE 487 miles RESOURCES Buy a detailed map ($8.50) at... Read More

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